MaxOne - the Worlds First DPA Program with No Income Limits

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One of the most innovative DPA (Down Payment Assistance Programs) available today.  Not available anywhere but LoanStream

Highlights include:

  • 600 FICO Minimum
  • FHA First with a subordinate financing for the second
  • 100% CLTV
  • FHA Loan Limit Max
  • Follows FHA Guidelines
  • Minimal Overlays
MaxONE Plus Has Arrived!

MaxONE Plus is a DPA FHA program that may help you qualify more borrowers and expand your market reach.

Highlights Include:

  • 100% CLTV FHA Loan (Combines 1st and Subordinate Lien)
  • 2nd lien with an interest rate 2% greater than 1st lien
    • Payment amortized over 10 years
    • Monthly payments required
  • 600 Minimum FICO
  • Borrower’s minimum contribution of $0.00
  • Purchase Only
  • No First Time Home Buyer Requirement
  • Loan amount to Conforming limits
High Balance not allowed. Restrictions apply, please speak to an Account Executive for details on these programs.

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