EZ Suite
The Ultimate Non-QM Resource for Brokers!

Revolutionize the way you handle Non-QM loans with EZ Suite!

It’s the ultimate resource for Brokers looking to make the loan process smoother by having key tools and resources to assist. EZ Suite is designed with brokers like you in mind, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to simplify and streamline every step of the loan process.

EZ Suite includes:

  • EZ Structure (NEW!): Expert guidance to structure your loan with confidence from submission to closing.
    • Requires documentation review (Income, Credit, Appraisal)
    • 1-Day Business Response
    • Recommendations from our expert team
    • Available to approved and non-approved brokers
    • Submit Your Loan for Review
  • EZ Calc: We help calculate your bank statement income to submit Non-QM loans with confidence
  • UpgradeONE: Improve your credit grade with our proprietary upgrade calculator
  • DSCR Calculator: A great, quick resource for calculating DSCR loans
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