Business Purpose Lending
Investment, DSCR - No Licensing No Problem

No Licensing, Not a Problem

With our Business Purpose loans you don’t need to be licensed in certain states where we are licensed. We can fund with our LoanStream License.

States may have other or additional requirements, check with your Account Executive. 

Business Purpose loans that will help your business soar!

Often business owners, especially small ones, find it difficult to get approved by larger institutions such as banks, therefore its to their advantage to work directly with you.  Here’s the advantage to partnering with us as your lender to serve these customers:

  • Innovative technology (exclusive access to our TPO Portal The Lounge)
  • Dedicated sales teams
  • National coverage 
  • Proprietary loan programs that are exclusive only to our Approved Brokers

Licensing Requirements for Business Purpose

Mortgage Broker License

Real Estate Broker License Needed

No License Needed

We do no lend, financing not available

What's a Business Purpose Loan?

A business purpose loan is used to purchase an investment property or a cash out refinance where the funds are used for any business purpose.  The property collateralized can be owner-occupied or non-owner occupied if the funds are used for business. You can work directly with real estate investors and business owners who are looking for this type of loan to either purchase an investment property or looking for funds to enhance their current one.

DSCR Loans / Cash-Flow Debt Service Coverage

DSCR for Investors Program Highlights

  • DSCR for Investors Program Highlights
  • DSCR = Gross Income divided by PITIA
  • Max loan amount $3,500,000
  • 1-4 family properties and condominiums permitted 
  • 85% LTV for Purchase
  • 80% LTV Rate & Term Refi
  • 75% LTV for Cash-Out Refi
  • Down to 620 FICO
  • Non-Warrantable Condos OK
  • Investment Properties only
  • Gift Funds allowed
  • No limit on Financed Properties 

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