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LoanStream Mortgage Provides Liquidity for Non-QM Market Space

Irvine, CA, July 6, 2020/PR Newswire – In a timely move, LoanStream Mortgage (LSM) has expanded its product offerings to fill the void left by many who have exited the Non-QM space.  When COVID-19 hit, financing for non-agency borrowers all but drief up.  LSM continues to provide financing with a limited product set.

LSM’s CEO Rabi Aziz shared, “We were one of the first to provide financing back in 2013.  We continue to be committed to the Non-QM space.  Things have changed; that’s for sure.  The number of loans in forbearance, companies stuck with old product, and challenges related to warehouse financing will plague the space for a while.  To us, it’s more important than ever to help fill that void.”

As of 7/1/2020, LSM has expanded all of its offerings and brought back many of its original programs.  Some of the expanded programs include LTV’s to 85%, DSCR LTV’s to 80%, FICO’s down to 640, and loan amounts up to $3M.

“The crisis was a virus.  It had nothing to do with credit or performance of the Non-QM products.  The government jumped in and propped up agency products, but left the non-agency space to fend for itself.  We hope by expanding so early after the crisis that others will follow.”  said Serene Vernon, LSM’s President.

LSM has released the expanded offering through its Wholesale, Correspondent, and Retail channels.  With LSM’s proprietary QualOne AUS system, Brokers and Correspondents can decision a Non-QM loan just as easy as an agency loan.  All loans are underwritten and decisioned in-house, ensuring the best possible consumer experience.

About LoanStream Mortgage

LoanStream Mortgage (LSM) is a registered DBA of OCMBC, Inc., headquartered in Irvine, CA.  LSM is a privately held diversified mortgage lender specializing in residential financing through mortgage brokers, bankers, and through its consumer direct branch network.  LSM has been focused on the residential mortgage lending market for over 30 years.  As a multi-channel lender with a strong foundation of conventional agency and government products, LSM was one of the market leaders in non-agency, non-qualified mortgages.

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