LoanStream Mortgage has created this At-A-Glance to easily review recent COVID-19 communications implementing temporary Agency, Government and NanQ/Non-QM program changes or requirements in addition to LoanStream overlays.  This document will be updated with changes as they occur.

LoanStream’s Referenced Memos

Memo ID


Release Date
LSM_2-2-2022     COVID-19 Guideline Update 2/2/2022
LSM_11-22-2021     COVID-19 Guideline Update 11/22/2021
LSM_10-20-2021     COVID-19 Guideline Update 10/20/2021
LSM_6-22-2021     COVID-19 Guideline Update 6/22/2021
HUD-9991     HUD-9991 6/16/2021
LSM_6-16-2021     COVID-19 Guideline Update 6/16/2021
LSM_4-19-2021     COVID-19 Guideline Update 4/19/2021
LSM_12-16-2020     COVID-19 Guideline Update 12/16/2020
LSM_11-20-2020     Revised COVID-19 Temporary Guidelines 11/20/2020
LSM_11-16-2020     Updated COVID-19 Temporary Guidelines 11/16/2020
LSM_10-27-2020     Updated COVID-19 Temporary Guidelines 10/27/2020
LSM_07-29-2020     Revision to 7/28 COVID-19 Temporary Guidelines 7/29/2020
LSM_07-28-2020    COVID-19 Update to Temporary Guidelines 7/28/2020
LSM_06-03-2020     Self Employed Borrowers РFNMA/FHLMC 6/03/2020
LSM_06-03-2020     Employment Re-Verification Update 6/03/2020
LSM_05-26-2020     Loans in Forbearance РConventional 5/26/2020
LSM_04-22-2020     Initial Disclosures Required prior to Submit to UW 4/22/2020
LSM_04-20-2020     NanQ/Non-QM Guidelines Updates 4/20/2020
LSM_04-17-2020     CALHFA Updates 4/17/2020
LSM_04-16-2020    Government Loans FICO Reduction 4/16/2020
LSM_04-08-2020    FHA / USDA / VA Appraisal Guidance 4/8/2020
LSM_04-07-2020    Chenoa removes Conventional Options 4/7/2020
LSM_04-07-2020    FNMA / FHLMC Updates 4/7/2020
LSM_04-02-2020    Jumbo Loan Programs 4/2/2020
LSM_03-30-2020    Appraisal / 4506-T Transcripts Updates 3/30/2020
LSM_03-27-2020    Employment Re-verification 3/27/2020
LSM_03-26-2020 ¬† ¬†Re-verification of Borrower’s Employment 3/26/2020

This document is for informational purposes only.¬† LSM’s Guides, Matrices and Bulletins remain the governing source of information and should be referenced for final eligibility.

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