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Below are answers to common questions related to Point and PointCentral v10.5

How do I export a 3.4 loan file?
How do I complete the new URLA form 1003?

We are aware of this issue and apologize for the inconvenience.  Call volume and hold times are unusually high and we are working to return phone calls and respond to messages quickly.  We have extended customer service hours to Monday – Friday 8am until 7pm CST and Saturday 9am until 2pm. CST.

We are working to add this functionality in a future update.  Until the details and release date have been finalized, we will continue to accept the 3.2, providing it is offered by your technology partner.

Yes, SP2 is the most current version of Point and includes an important update that resolves an error message experienced in LPA.

It is acceptable to use the classic or “legacy” URLA after March 1, 221 mandate as long as the borrower started completing it before the required use date of March 1, 2021.

However, if you need to convert the classic 1003 to the new URLA you can export a 3.2 file to the new Point file.  To enter any missing data, review the instructions described in this KB article: Completing a 3.4 MISMO File.

This functionality is not available using the classic version of the URLA form 1003.  To export a 3.4 XML, make sure you are using a New URLA Point file.

We are aware of the current issues with DO/DU and are working to get them resolved.  An accessibility issue was identified and resolved this week, however, some users are still having trouble.  We have found two resources to be helpful until more information is available, this quick guide to the Redesigned Form 1003 and Desktop Underwriter® and KB Article 2015 Completing the Redesigned Loan Application.

If you pull credit directly from 2c. Liabilities instead of going through the services menu, Liabilities will populate as expected.  You can also click the “Populate Liabilities” button from that same section to refresh and populate the Liabilities table on a file that you’ve already pulled credit on.

Yes, the recording is available in the Calyx Customer Portal, here.